Custom Made Meeting Table - How Can You Come Out With The Right Size OF The Table For Your Conference Or Meeting Room?

The size of the meeting table for your conference room depends on basically two factors which are firstly the number of people that would be expected or holding meetings which can be the number of employees, high-ranking executive staff, and secondly, the size of your conference or meeting room. Always put in mind when making these two assumptions that your table should not have insufficient clearance with the wall of the room and other possible barriers. If you are to come out with the exact recommended minimum clearance of the edge of the table, you are to put in your conference room and the size of the room looking at the wall, then you will understand the right dimensions to take because little space left will cause a jam making it difficult for the people who are to hold the meeting at that point in time, find it difficult to maneuver around the meeting room at their convenience. To save yourself the unknown, you can make the minimum clearance on the four sides of the rectangular meeting table, or whatever the shape may be at least 20 percent out with space that can enable the people to relax and have open-air and space to wonder about the meeting room when necessary. For example, if your conference room is about 15 feet long, then you should make the clearance to be about 3 and a half. And if possible 4 feet space out and more to that if the meeting room requires a cabinet to store water or coffee, like with the modern offices nowadays in Dubai. The reason being it would not be proper to be moving up and down opening the door just to get water when the meeting is at the crucial moment. In this case, this furniture should be taken into consideration when calculating the minimum clearance. Now, while thinking of the accurate or speculated spacing between the meeting table and walls of the meeting room you should also understand that, the space left for the participants is another very vital issue. When the environment of your meeting room is crowded it becomes uncomfortable and the participants can easily get tired and the meetings can be less productive. There should be a minimum of about 25 to 30 inches of space separating each individual or participant in the meeting hall. For example, 15 by 5 table has a perimeter of about 480 inches making it 30 inches per space out from each person in the meeting, making it comfortable for 15 to 16 people max.

Nowadays, workers are looking for a more relaxing office environment but you should not forget that the modern standard conference room still takes its place as one of the most important parts in every modern office or institutions, because they provide us with large space for private meetings where confidential business topics can be discussed and also accommodating formal gatherings of all sorts. Conference or boardrooms are, key parts of every office establishments they are the vital spots to collaborate and make design statements, and to execute ideas that are confidential to boost up the company’s growth. That is why you do not need to have any kind of design of meeting table¬†in your boardroom where vital decisions are being broadcast or being shared among the persons who are concerned. Also, Elegant boardroom chairs placed around your conference table gives you a modern boardroom placement, especially if many people are involved so that, they can get equal access as participants round the said table and as perfect as it is for sharing ideas, the table enhance collaboration and it is the number one supporter of most creative work. More to that, you should note that a more relaxed environment and a good¬†table made with a high quality MDF board and melamine material will encourage the flow of ideas creativity, collaboration and one more thing you should also take note of is that if you have a low height and supportive table which will give your staff more comfortably, it is going to facilitate them with the combination of good boardroom chairs to stay in the meeting for long hours without being stressed up. There are lots of creative office¬†meeting room table¬†that promote equal active commitment and the opportunity for all staff to contribute their ideas to come up with solutions or to meet with the end goals of their discussion as compared to the past where meetings use to hold in traditional conference rooms. There are modern design meeting table UAE made with modern technology that has installation voice and data electrical connections with the tabletop fitted with grommets that facilitates the installation of power supplies. More to that, beneath the tabletop, are also wire manager channels that connect with the base down to the floor attachment refining the table with some sorts of aesthetics appealing functionalities which are the best for your conference room and can be supportable to any workspace. Meetings are things that employees can not avoid which adds more value to our daily life as an employee working under an institution. If you buy conference table¬†with a classic modern design coupled with an atmosphere that is comfortable, is going to facilitate and encourage your employees to be more attentive and focus each time they are in gathering to share ideas.

You can make your conference room atmosphere furnished with a sophisticated table with either the most basic standard style that consists of a long rectangular or curved edges table with modern sophisticated meeting room chairs around here in Dubai where you kind find all types of modern office furniture collections. Some of these tables have modern design sleek and fine linings that add more depth and also, the meeting table dimensions can be customized to accommodate 20 to 25 people and more depending on your requirement which can be complemented with well-arranged modern design standard chairs which the delegates, top management, and supervisors can be seated comfortably and discuss the matter of the day. Are you looking for a stylish and cool meeting table in Dubai hand made that will give your boardroom a pleasant look? Presently, there are so many modern varieties of modern options now manufactured in Dubai presently in the market that gives your conference room a vibrant and good modern standard atmosphere which you can also complement it with some comfortable meeting room chairs. You can also blend the style of your modern standard sleek conference table pattern with a good design veneer wood which is one of the rich wood used in the manufacturing of home and office furniture used by top-ranking office furniture companies in the furniture industry here in the United Arab Emirates, that will give your boardroom not only modern standard but, luxurious and quality standard look. The rustic wooden style table is one of the best and most perfect designs if you have a small conference room which would provide you with a professional and corporate company image with its modern design elements and high quality materials and finishes and more to that, it can be customized in your choice dimension.

With the modular meeting room table, you can easily transform your boardroom into a highly multi-functional podium. These tables are being manufactured in various sizes, shapes, and high standard multi-colors. One thing you should know as a professional when it comes to meetings organization that involves you sitting on a table conference is that U shaped conference tables are best utilized in boardroom meetings where more interaction is expected while, the rectangle shaped meeting tables are ideal for a leadership kind of conferencing where presentations are being given like for example, audio-visual presentations.

Design is one of the most important facts that you can not leave out when planning on how to get a good quality modern standard meeting table for your office conference room. This is because whatever design you will choose it will directly affect the aesthetic of the interior of your office meeting room. Also making sure the design of your selection tires with the existing furniture in your conference room is another important fact that you should hold strongly. There are so many shapes and both traditional and modern designs that you can make your selection from in the Dubai office furniture market.  We all know every meeting room nowadays needs some awesome centerpiece which can be best complemented by a glass meeting room table, having minimalist and sleek modern designs. There are beautiful glass boardroom tables that you will find in Dubai that secrete and can complement any modern standard office boardroom interior. These glass meet table collections are expertly fabricated by experienced manufacturers in Dubai that are specialist in office furniture made with the finest and high-quality materials. You would find all types of sophisticated designs with different colors, shapes, and sizes for which one will perfectly fit in your office conference or meeting room.

With this design of tables, you will not be limited. That is to say, you can easily switch from one design to the other when arranging the modules to get your desire presentation or how you want your audience to seat during the meeting. This table design enhances your ideal platform for decision making and discussions making communication feeling and understanding to flow at the same level. You can either decide to set your table in a face to face conversation or, in small groupings and it is the best office furniture to handle a big crowd. More to that with the changing number of participants in the meeting room from time to time, the modular office meeting room table is the best so far to handle this situation because you can do a transformation of the table setting in any way necessary at that particular point in time. For example, an open end or round meeting table  is good for group discussion than any other table style configuration. Now, when we look at the best conference table for a business atmosphere then you should understand that when choosing the table for this type of establishment, it should reflect the mirror image of that business institution or organization. For example, when you look at a Law Firm, a formal dark wooden conference table will be the best representation of such an organization. Also in a high-tech environment, a modern stylish look with bright lights will be best for this type of organization. Whatever the shape and size of your luxury meeting table may be, it should be manufacture in such a way that every person that is in a particular discussion or meeting can make direct eye contact with the rest involved in that said meeting and also facilitate easy communication among them.

The reconfigurable meeting table made of veneer wood is one of the best options that you can apply in your office conference room. This modern standard design will give your boardroom a great and unique statement. This is another model or design of a modular table for your conference room with solid wooden or chrome leggings depending on which you want, this meeting room table can be reconfigured into a U shape training meeting room format. If you are looking for a traditional craftsman meeting table design for your office conference room, then this is the best option you can go for manufacture with solid stability and level with excellent boardroom furniture ideas of varying size, color, and designs for you to make your choice.

The functionality and look of conference rooms have drastically changed over time from stationary tables for meeting rooms to a free flow of other related conference room furniture that can work in a collection like in multimedia conferences nowadays. For video conference and teleconference room, this is the best modular folding meeting room table that will help facilitate your activities to run smoothly. This is another modern standard table that would be suitable for the conference room that can seat up to 20 to 30 people at the same time and you can configure the table in several layouts that can seat fewer participants or remove the table from its position completely. This table is characterized by cable port management for power control and the solid leggings are having wheels that you can easily change its position without stressing much and more to that with this table you can easily change any working department into a conference or boardroom and the table has ample space enough to accommodate laptops and to take down points during the meeting discussions. If you are looking for a multipurpose workspace then this is the right table for you that you can easily switch to any dimension that you want and you can easily link other tables with it to give you a big.

Are you thinking of where to put your table when it is not needed? with this modern design, you can configure your environment into a classroom, seminar, and also the format of individual meeting room table which you can complement with modern conference room chairs to give your, surrounding a beautiful look that will make the participants relax and get a better understanding of the purpose of their gathering.

Depending on the design of the table you will choose, there are several layout positions you can use for planning conference, meeting, or team building activities with each layout best.

Theater layout

This kind of seating is common in cinema or theater hall were chairs facing the front view placed in rows. If the event will take have many participants then this is the best seating layout that would accommodate the crowd and also they can easily get access to their seats. This is a, one to many, communication platform with little flexibility to maneuver around. this kind of settle does not encourage teamwork that much as compared to the others. It is most common with seminars, product presentations, lectures, and more.

Cabaret or restaurant layout

With this kind of layout, delegates seats in a large table that is a square or oval meeting table or restaurant meeting table. It might take about 6 to 7 delegates on each table leaving one side of the table out facing the direction where you place the screen or projector and this kind of setting is common in a situation where teamwork is required on each circled table. There is a solid surface to take down not during the meeting presentation but the theater layout is larger than the cabaret layout. This is a good layout platform to encourage team building activities and also provide them with some sort of comfort ability.

Boardroom Layout Setting

The boardroom setting is made of just one big meeting table that can seat all participants round the outer side of the table. This is suitable for a small group like the board of directors of your company only. The table shape varies from one venue to the other which can either be a round or square meeting table with the participants sitting round which is also good for presentations. The U shape conference table is also good for this kind of setting. People can easily wander around without obstructions.

U shape layout setting 

The U shape setting ties with small groups of participants just the same as the boardroom layout, a presentation can be done easily, and also the conference is created with the participants seating outside the U shape meeting table for them to easily view the presentation at the end of the empty-space. This is another perfect option for a boardroom layout which people also can easily wander around without any obstruction because there is enough spacing.

Hollow Square layout setting

This design is just like a breakout workshop, meeting, or an interactive session. it has a closed U-shape layout with 4 rectangle tables placed next to each to form a square with a free space in the middle which the presenter and stand and elaborate or address the delegates individually. This kind of atmosphere is suitable for a small group working together to resolve an issue or task and the presenter has the chance to wander around without any obstruction and also to evaluate and guide the development of every participant present at the scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard dimension of the meeting table we make is 80x100x76cm but we can go beyond or below depending on your wish.

Sorry, we do not make plastic furniture, all our furniture is made of solid high quality wood and steel in some cases.

What you should understand firstly, is that we are experts in customizing furniture, and to answer the question directly, we manufacture tables for home use, kitchen, etc.

Of course, we sell both the meeting table with chairs and we will give you at a very convenient price that will make you satisfied and us too

We offer 5 years warranty and above but the warranty for the chairs set will depend on the category you will choose

Yes we manufacture meeting table for all small offices and we also have unique designs that you can choose from should in case you do not have any design in mind which will suit that purpose

We will send some of our experts that will come take the measurement of your meeting room and from there we can proceed, highest 3 to 4 days you will have your furniture.

Yes we manufacture meeting table with glass top but the legging support will be made with wood material or metal.

Of course, we have different designs of meeting table with cable management that gives power supplies, good for video and audiovisual conferencing